PORCELLIAN – “May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way”

Got a new track from Porcellian including fire performances by Phlox Kansas. Shout out to Luke Wallace Audio Artistry at Red Cat Recordingfor recording a killer tune!

CONQUER THE PACIFIC – “Learning How to Live”

Our most ambitious effort to date! We filmed at numerous locations, including Coronado Heights. Huge thanks to Shaelynn French for not only lending her acting talents but also dancing in the 100+ degree heat and Red Cat Recording for producing a killer track. We’re really proud of this one.

For those of you who pass on the metal videos, this music is more accessible. Check it out!


Did a crazy music video with Waking the Sleeper. Check it out!

NOTE! The band performs with a burlesque dancer live and she appears in this music video. If you don’t like burlesque or metal, you might want to skip this one.


PORCELLIAN – “Suffer Alone”

We shot a music video for Porcellian‘s final show! While it’s unfortunate Wichita is losing a killer band, they really brought the house down. Check it out!

CARACALLA – “Cimmerian Shade”

Our third music video with Caracalla! Special thanks to The Elbow Room for the venue.